Ui Design Homestay Application

Year : 2021

Cozy App is an application that provides omestay and hotels for travelers in Indonesia. This application reaches 30 provinces and 250 cities throughout Indonesia that you can reach. With a design that is easy to understand, so it is comfortable when used, I am sure users have no difficulty when this application launches.


The problem here is that I want to create a staycation application that provides lodging with a modern design and easy to access by ordinary people. and I tried to design a Mockup UI from the app.

User & Audience

As I mentioned above, the main purpose of this site is to give my idea for application design. For our target users are all people who like to vacation, especially from among adults.

Role & Responsibility

Project manager. This is a web design and development project, so I incorporated this into me. I am the one who talks to clients, interviews them, creates project summaries, creates project timelines, etc.

Design. Of course, I acted as a designer in this project.


Because on the old website the available pages are not clear, then here we make it more structured and neat for organizational purposes and the dissemination of information for web visitors.

these are the pages :

- Landing Page

- Explore Page

- Details Page

- Payment Page

- Contact Page

- Maps Page

Mock Up All Pages