Redesign Website Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika UMJ

Year : 2021

This project is a redesign and redevelop of HIMF UMJ old website company profile. HIMF is an Organitation in Univercity Islamic Jakarta, Indonesia who provides solutionsto help farmers understand the farm condition better in a real-time way for preventive actions towards the risk of farming. Currently, they have 2 products, the device that can detect water condition and a web app that integrated to the device so the farm owner can see their farm condition and eventually will have a better plan to get successful harvest.


On the previous website, umj IT student association only had a website created. through the wordpress web, and when searched it turns out that the old website is no longer working Since 2018, and so this HIMF organization decided to create a new website. with a better design and website features that meet the needs, such as giving information about the Faculty of Engineering, Scholarships or existing competitions for UMJ informatics engineering students

User & Audience

As I mentioned above, the main purpose of this site is to provide better information for UMJ infortmatics engineering students, as the old website is no longer possible for access. And on this website the members of the Student Association can also provide information about the organization, and also become its own attraction.

Role & Responsibility

Project manager. This is a web design and development project, so I incorporated this into my BH AL Team team. I am the one who talks to clients, interviews them, creates project summaries, creates project timelines, etc.

Design. Of course, I acted as a designer in this project. And the website development phase was done by my partner Hary and Alvaro


Because on the old website the available pages are not clear, then here we make it more structured and neat for organizational purposes and the dissemination of information for web visitors.

these are the pages :

- Home Page

- Management Structure Page

- Member Departement Page

- Work Program Page

- Contact Page

Mock Up All Pages