Ui Design fot Jepret Photography Website

Year : 2021

Create UI designer for photography website for client (my friend), he owns a photographer business and wanted to make the website look more professional, and offered me the job of creating the ui design part of the website. I accepted the offer and finished for 3 weeks.


for the problem, my client and I were confused about the features that would be displayed and the payment system. For that I took a new idea to include a feature to upload proof of payment so that every order that comes in can be inputted into the client database.

User & Audience

slightly the same as e-commerce websites, users and audiences can make payments through the website, do not have to log in, but must fill in the required data and proof of bank transfer. and then every visitor can see what features on this website and can directly contact the owner of the business.

Role & Responsibility

Ui/Ux Designer.because that's the only job the client has to offer


Because on the old website the available pages are not clear, then here we make it more structured and neat for organizational purposes and the dissemination of information for web visitors.

these are the pages :

- Home Page

- Gallery

- Pricelist

- Payment

- About Us

- Review Page

Mock Up All Pages