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Year : 2021

This ecommerce website belongs to a group of students who are done to complete their final college assignment. they ask to find ui design ideas and then developed into a website. we fulfilled this work for 3 months with fulstack developer workload. they say they can't because they have to sell and get a profit target from sales to pass the course.


At the ui design stage we use some other ecommerce design references and we combine them, then we also design product images to banners that make a little work long.
when we start the slicing stage we use html5, css, js, and bootsrap as a framework
then we choose mysql as database and Laravel 8 framework for backend development

User & Audience

Users will be faced on the landingpage, then they will be directed to login or register first before they can add products to the cart, and users will fill in the address complete with phone number every time they make a transaction. and after the transaction the user will be given a history order page to see the update of the delivery of the goods, and then we provide a purchase invoice as proof that the purchase was successful.

Role & Responsibility

> Ui/Ux Design. Of course, I do as a ui designer in this project, and then, I help make a responsive website, because that is also my expertise


Because on the old website the available pages are not clear, then here we make it more structured and neat for organizational purposes and the dissemination of information for web visitors.

user pages :

- Landing Page

- Login and Registetr

- Home Page

- Detail Product Page

- Cart Page

- Order History Page

- Invoice Page

- About Us Page

admin pages :

- Login and Register

- Dashboard

- My Product

- Add Product

- Order Transaction

Mock Up All Pages